Thursday, February 4, 2016

WeCite Contest!

Casetext just launched the spring WeCite contest!

If you are not familiar with Casetext you should be, since it is a free crowdsourced legal research tool and online community that’s used to discover and share legal knowledge. Casetext is gaining traction among the legal community. Check out one of our earlier blog postings on Casetext for more information.

What is WeCite?

WeCite is the free crowdsourced citator launched by Casetext. If you haven't heard, last semester over 1,000 law students from all over the country have participated and so far they have created 250,000 cites! This gamified project is a community effort to explain the relationship between judicial cases with the goal of making the law free and understandable.

Any law student can participate to:
  • Earn prizes: There are tons of prizes, from free t-shirts to free textbooks. You’ll even get a $5 gift card for doing your first WeCite
  • Learn about the law: As you play, you’ll be practicing reading cases and understanding how judicial opinions relate to each other.
  • Help build a free resource: By playing, you’re contributing to a free legal resource that you can use while in school and, in the future, as a lawyer.
  • Get recognized: The WeCite leaderboard showcases law students who have made the biggest contributions, both individually and by school. If Western New England wins, Casetext will treat us to a party funded completely by them. Plus, bragging rights :)

Who knew that creating citator entries could be so addictive and have pedagogical value at the same time!

Just go to, create an account, and start WeCiting. Take a look at the Leaderboard to see who is racking up the most points, and what law schools are participating.

Check out if you have any questions.

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