Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blawgs - More Than Legal News

Like other Web 2.0 tools, blogs are good for networking, collaborating, and discussing topics of interest. Blogs that focus on legal matters are commonly known as blawgs. Did you know that some contain well-researched, serious legal analysis?

While many blawgs focus on the latest news, some are used as tools to draw on the expertise of others and determine where and how to begin research. Many judges, practitioners, professors, and other legal researchers write blawgs that contribute to scholarly communication on legal issues. Blawgs have even been cited in journal articles and opinions (most often in footnotes).

It is always important to make sure that you critically review all information. Of course, this rule applies to blawgs. Take a look at Nicole's post on Law Firm Blogs in which she reviews identifying reliable sources by looking at the currentness, length, and authorship.

Here are a few directories that will lead you to some of the best blawgs:
   ABA Journal Blawg Directory published by the American Bar Association and categorized by practice, jurisdiction, region, and law school.
   Justia Blawg Search searchable by category, state, country, and law school.
   Library of Congress Legal Blawg Archive arranged by topic.

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