Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Blog for Legal Writing Help

You're probably well aware of Black's Law Dictionary, but do you know anything about its editor-in-chief? Brian A. Garner has authored many other works on legal writing, including Elements of Legal Style, Legal Writing in Plain English, and Making Your Case: The Art of of Persuading Judges, co-written with Justice Scalia. He has been called "the legal authority on good legal writing."

Fortunately for us, he also maintains a blog with helpful tips for your writing. Called LawProse Blog, it's dedicated to legal writing tips and lessons. It include Usage Tips of the Day and Quotations of the Day, like this one:

"An attractive title is nothing less than miraculous in gaining readers for a paper." David Lee Clark et al, Form and Style: A Manual of Composition and Rhetoric 16 (1937).

Recent usage tips include an entry explaining the etymology of the expression "lay of the land," when to use "lie low" or "lay low," and whether to write "toward" or "towards."

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