Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Dragon DictationHas this ever happened to you? You are out and about and out of nowhere you think of just the right words for that document you've been drafting at work. This happens to me all the time and by the time I am able to jot them down, I've forgotten them. That's why I like the Dragon Dictation app by Nuance Communications. Just speak into this free voice recognition application to create texts, email messages, notes, and reminders. You can update your social media status too.

This app works on devices with at least OS 4.0 and iTunes 9 operating systems. There are several languages to pick from, but keep in mind that recognition accuracy is best for native speakers of the language. One nice feature is that recognition gets better over time. Note: tech support is only available in English at this time.

iPad Screenshot 1 Helpful tips

  • In order to add punctuation, just speak it. For example, "Dear John comma."
  • Similarly, speak text commands like "next paragraph" or "new line." 
  • Instead of tapping the "done" button, you can have Dragon Dictation detect when you are done speaking by turning on the "detect end-of-speech" option. 

While Dragon Dictation is a great tool, it is not perfect. The application has a limited recording time (60 seconds) before the information automatically gets processed, and there is no audible signal to let you know when it shifts from recording to processing. A number of reviews mentioned that this makes it less than ideal while driving because you do not know when to stop talking so you do not lose any information. Another factor to consider while driving is that this app requires devices be connected to the internet in order for it to work.

Despite these limitations, Dragon Dictation is definitely worth a try.

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