Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DOJ Law Jobs App for Job Hunters

Looking for a job? 

For law students and attorneys looking for positions with the Department of Justice, check out the free DOJ Law Jobs app. The app was released this September and provides a listing of present openings for both entry-level and experienced attorneys.
If you are looking for a internship (either volunteer or unpaid), this app may be just what you need.  Presently there are a total of 240 such positions posted.

The DOJ rightly calls itself "the nation's litigator," and it's currently the largest's legal employer in the entire world, employing over 10,000 attorneys in the United States. The organization's purpose is to protect the people of the United States from criminal acts against its citizens and to enforce the rule of law. While the Department has opportunities for attorneys at every stage of their legal careers, the  positions themselves are still quite selective. Each year, though, various Department components and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices hire entry-level attorneys through their Honors Program. The number of these positions varies yearly, and usually ranges from 100 to 200 positions. Justice attorneys represent virtually every accredited law school in the country.

When homing in on a particular position that you might be qualified for, you can limit your search according to filters such as“Type of Vacancies,” “Locations,” “Hiring Organizations,” and “Areas of Law”. If you are looking for the Honors Program specifically, refine your search after selecting “Entry Level” under “Type of Vacancies.” You may select “Save” to retain any position you find of interest.

This app is a nice way to look for openings in particular DOJ offices that interest you and to locate openings in offices that handle your preferred practice areas, such as "Civil Rights,” “Computers/Technology,” or “Employment Law.”

Not at the job searching stage yet? 

If you are looking for a Internship (both volunteer or unpaid), this app may be just what you need.  Presently there are a total of 240 such positions posted.The app is intended to provide information about DOJ positions, not to enable you to apply for these positions. You will need to follow links to actually complete an application.

Download DOJ Law Jobs and see if there is a position for you!

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