Monday, April 21, 2014

Study Aid App Roundup

The end of the semester is upon us, the time when a law student's mind turns to finals. In preparation for the coming days of nonstop studying, I've put together a brief list of mobile apps that may help you ace your exams.

Paper Chase Apps

Paper Chase offers apps to help law students practice their knowledge of legal rules and their ability to apply
those rules to new fact patterns. Paper Chase has apps on four subjects: contracts, property, criminal law, and torts. Each app consists of multiple choice questions from 6-7 subtopics within a subject.

The apps are free to download and come with questions from one subtopic. To unlock the other subtopics, you have to pay $2.99. The free subtopic gives you a chance to try out Paper Chase's questions before committing any cash. Available for iOS



Law Dogo

Law Dogo is a less serious approach to studying. You control a ninja at the law dojo. Answer multiple choice questions to earn points. Use the points to train you ninja by increasing the ninja's energy, strength, and IQ and make your ninja into the world's greatest legal force.

The app is free to download and comes with three sets of questions: Open Dogo, a mix of questions on doctrine, cases, vocabulary, and miscellanea; Know Your Rights, questions on criminal procedure and related rights; and Supreme Dogo, questions about famous Supreme Court cases. You can purchase additional questions sets on subjects such as criminal law, evidence, and income tax for $2.99 each. Available for iOS and Android.


Lexis Q&A

The Lexis Q&A app is an e-reader for the Lexis Question and Answer series of study books. Thirty-two Q&A
titles are available for download through the app. The App displays the table of contents and a preview of 10 questions for each title for free. You can download the full books for $19.99 each. Available for iOS and Android.









CrunchTime Apps

The CrunchTime Apps provide audio versions of the popular Emanuel CrunchTime study books. The apps allows you to add notes as you listen and review those note later, so you can quickly and easily mark material for further study. Each app is a stand-alone copy of a CrunchTime book and costs $12.99 to download. Available for iOS.




Law in a Flash Apps

The Law in a Flash apps are collections of digital flashcards. As with regular flashcards, a Law in a Flash app
displays a question or hypothetical as one side of a card. Tap the card to turn it over and see the answer. The apps allow you to mark flashcards for further review so that you can limit the cards you see to ones you haven't memorized yet. The apps also let you add personal study notes to the cards.

Each Law in a Flash app covers a set of course subjects: first year courses, second year courses, and electives. You can download and preview the apps for free; the full sets of flashcards are available for $19.99 per subject on iOS ($9.99 on Android). Available for iOS and Android.

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