Monday, March 31, 2014

iPad Tips from the ABA Techshow

I just returned from the ABA Techshow in Chicago, where I got a brief look at the future of legal technology (as the vendors see it). I also saw a lot of cool technology and learned ways to use it in legal practice at the Techshow programs and workshops. One of the programs I attended focused on how to get the most out of your iPad. Here are a few of my favorite iPad tips from the program.

Split the iPad Keyboard to Thumb Type

Normally, the iPad keyboard fills the entire bottom of the screen. But it doesn't have to. If you press two fingers on the G and H keys and slide your fingers apart, the keyboard will split in two.

Hold the iPad with two hands in portrait mode, and the split keyboard is ideal for typing with your thumbs.

When you're ready to back to the regular keyboard, just reverse the process. Press two fingers on the G and H keys and pinch them together.

Enter a Number with One Motion

Entering a number with the iPad keyboard requires switching to the number and symbol keyboard. So typing a 5 (or any other number) requires three key presses. First the Number and Symbol key, then the 5 key, then the Letter key. The iPad lets you bypass all that pressing and perform the same three actions with a single motion.

Instead of pressing the Number and Symbol key and then pressing a number key, press the Number and Symbol key and slide your finger to your desired number. When you lift up your finger, the iPad will enter the number and automatically switch back to the letter keyboard.

Search Your Email with Siri

Anyone who has used Siri on an iPad or iPhone knows that it will search the Internet. But did you know that it will also search your email?

The process is simple. Press and hold the home button to access Siri, and then say "search emails for" and your search terms. Siri will bring up a list of all the emails on your device that contain your search terms. If you’d like to see a video of how to search for email using Siri, here is a good one from iOS Advice:

Save Google Maps Offline

If you want to view maps on your iPad while you are not connected to the Internet, you can save maps in the Google Maps app using its preload feature. While your iPad is connected to the Internet, go to the area you want to view offline in Google Maps. Once you're there, go to the search box and type "okay maps". The app will download the onscreen map to your iPad so you can view it offline. Google Maps downloads the complete map you're viewing--you can zoom in with as much detail as you would have if you were connected to the Internet. But you won't be able to view maps of the surrounding area. If you scroll outside of area that was onscreen when you preloaded the map, you'll see only a few details and won't see more by zooming in.


  1. wow that was interesting!

  2. Will have to remember this when I load my electronic discovery software and see if it works there. Thanks!