Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Searching Twitter (even without an account)

While perusing a recent Law Practice Today article, I discovered that you can conduct searches on Twitter by going to!/search-home. You can search even if you don't have an account. As discussed in previous posts by Neal Smith and Elliott Hibbler, there are a number of reasons Twitter could be useful to you, such as for conducting legal research.

There are two options for searching in Twitter; you can enter a search directly into the search box or you can choose the advanced search option. As a librarian, I'm happy to see you can incorporate operators in your search query. If you remember the operators, you can enter them in the initial search bar. You can see from the operator chart that there is some date restriction capability. Note: there is no space between the colon and the date.

If you have trouble remembering the operators, you can put your terms in the advanced search template. It is easier to locate the Advanced Search option if you use the search link provided above because there's a link for it on that page.

If you are signed into your Twitter account, you can find the Advanced Search option on the left-hand side of your results screen, after you run your initial search.

Once you've formulated the perfect search, you have the option of saving it for future use by clicking "save"  on the top right-hand corner of your results page.
You can retrieve your saved searches by clicking anywhere in the search box and they will appear in the drop down menu after your recent searches.

A little off topic, but a special thanks to Sabrina Serra, one of our student employees, for sharing that you can change your account background by going to "settings and help" and choosing "Design."

Some features, such as changing your background, may not be available from mobile devices. In that case, you may want to check out one of the many third-party apps.

Have more questions about searching in Twitter or questions about Twitter in general? The Twitter Help Center may have the answer.


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