Wednesday, November 13, 2013

There's now a new app for the Constitution of the United States.

Since Neal Smith started reviewing apps for your legal research, I thought I might let you know about another app that's been made available from the Library of Congress and the Government Printing Office, the Constitution Annotated app. Constitution Day was recently marked by the launching of this new app and web publication that makes analysis and interpretation of the constitutional case law by Library experts freely accessible to all. This resource includes analysis of Supreme Court cases through the end of June 2013 and is expected to be updated repeatedly throughout the year as new court decisions are issued. Users can locate constitutional amendments, federal and state laws that were held unconstitutional, and tables of cases with corresponding topics and constitutional implications. Analysis is provided by the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress.

"Legal professionals, teachers, students and anyone researching the constitutional implications of a particular topic can easily locate constitutional amendments, federal and state laws that were held unconstitutional, and tables of recent cases with corresponding topics and constitutional implications," stated the Library of Congress in a press release.

As of now, the Constitution Annotated app is available for the IOS platform, but an Android version is also under development. A link to is here where you will find the Constitution Annotated page which includes a link to download the app. The Constitution Annotated web page available on GPO's Federal Digital System is a digitally signed, searchable PDF with the GPO's Seal of Authenticity.

Students taking ConLaw classes may just want to have it handy.

And along the same lines, if you're looking for free information about the US CODE try going to this government site, the U.S. House of Representatives web site. It doesn't have an app yet, nor is it annotated, but it does have all the Code as it is today, and includes a "Popular Name Tool". The currency date for each section of the United States Code is displayed above the text of the section. If the section has been affected by any laws enacted after that date, those laws will appear in a list of "Pending Updates". If there are no pending updates listed, the section is current as shown. The Code online is current through Pub. L. 113-47.

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