Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Filtering the WILDPAC

 Database filtering is a common way of limiting results on many databases these days, and it's available in WILDPAC as well. In WILDPAC, filters are available on the left, just as they are in many of the legal database providers such as LexisNexis and WestLaw. In the search below, you can see a search done using the phrase “Capital punishment”. At the time, the search returned 586 records in WILDPAC split between the Law Library and the D’Amour Library.

By clicking on the LAW link you can reduce the number to just the 464 of those that are available in the Law Library.

Then clicking on the Format filter you can limit to just those "Printed Materials" available in the Law Library, mostly treatises found on Reserve or on the third floor. Or you could click on the "Computer File" for records which link to online sources such as the HeinOnline , ProQuest U.S. Congressional or others, good for finding legislative history documents. Or you could choose to filter on "Microform" format where there are many other records for finding legislative historical document available from CIS Congressional which include committee and subcommittee hearings and prints, House and Senate reports, documents, and special publications, Senate executive reports and documents, and public laws.

And of course you could limit to the most current materials available.

So when you look for information in WILDPAC using the "Search Now" tab, be sure take advantage of the all the filters that are available.

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