Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oyez, oyez, oyez!

Oyez! ("Here ye")...U.S. Supreme Court junkies listen up! While you still can't view Supreme Court proceedings on television, you can listen to the voices of the Justices and attorneys during oral arguments at the Oyez website. This website provides access to current and historic audio of U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments, along with case summaries, and full-text decisions. Audio files begin in 1955 but are not available for every oral argument. The plan, however, is to continue updating the archive until all audio recorded in the Court since 1955 is accessible.

Click on the menu at the top of the Oyez website and select "Cases," and you will get a listing of cases in date order. You can search the audio archive by case name or by year. Full transcripts accompany the recordings and are useful in identifying the speakers. Oyez also reports the outcome of each case and offers a searchable database of Supreme Court Justices’ voting records.

Interested in eavesdropping on the judicial styles of the various Justices and the acumen of the attorneys with whom they spar? (Plaintiffs and respondents before the Supreme Court are given 30 minutes each to make their cases and the Justices may interrupt with questions or comments during this allotted time.)

Interested in the arguments made in the Affordable Care Act cases from 2011? The links for these arguments are below:

So, the next time a Supreme Court case  piques your interest, listen to the oral arguments here!

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