Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

Have you ever done a search in WILDPAC for treatises, found some titles that looked like they might be appropriate and wondered exactly what was inside the book?

Well, if you do a search using "Search Now" in WILDPAC, there's a good chance that you can actually look into the title and find out more about it. In some instances all you have to do is click on the "More Details" link to see the Table of Contents, but often there isn't really any Table of Contents information in the record. Then what can you do aside from walking over to the library and actually looking for the book?

That's where the "Picture" is really worth a thousand words. If you do a search and it turns up images of the book's jacket on the right hand side of the display, you may be just a few clicks away from the information that you need.

Try doing a search in "Search Now" on "assisted suicide". You will come up with something like this:

If you click on the "Date" link next, you will bring up the newest titles first, including those that are in the D'Amour Library. Clicking on the title or the book jacket image will bring up the full record of the title. In some instances you will even see the Table of Contents information then, or if you click on the "More Details" link.

But in this case, there really isn't any more useful information. But by clicking on the book jacket image on the left you will be taken to .

There all you have to do is click on the the link "Search inside this book". That opens you up to the title page of the book along with the Table of Contents and a small part of the treatise. In addition, if you scroll down to the bottom of the inside of the book, you will find an even better tool than just the Table of Contents, you will find the index to the entire book. In almost all cases, if Amazon has the link to search inside the book, you will find an index to the book, if the book has one, and everyone knows that searching through an index can be the best way to find out exactly what is in the book. Sometimes you might get really lucky and find the bibliography which can lead you onto many other titles that can help in your research.

In any case, there's probably more than a "thousand" words behind that little book jacket image.

Don't forget to use this tip when you get our "Selected New Acquisition" for each month. There you will find a direct link to the "Search inside this title" from Amazon if it's available, so you can quickly check to see if you want to borrow the book from the library.

Happy researching!

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