Friday, August 3, 2012

Filling up your "cart"

If you've used Wildpac in the past, have you ever noticed the "Add to cart" icon and wondered what was the point of this small add on? Try typing in Animal Rights in "Search Now". Once you have done a search in "Search Now", you will have a list of titles from the catalog. If you click on the small shopping cart icon under the library location, you will be adding  that title to your shopping cart.

You can add any title that you see in the list whether it's a treatise, microform, or electronic resource. When you have finished loading your cart you can look to the top of the your browser screen and see how many titles you have in your cart.

If you click on the My Cart, you will have some options. One of your options is to email the list of titles to yourself.

If you do this, then when your email arrives at your desktop, you will have the titles with hotlinks back into the catalog. Remember you can add electronic titles as well, so you could simply follow the link back to the online version of the title. As an alternative, you could also click on the icon to "Save to list".

If you do this, you will be presented a screen asking for your name, barcode number, and PIN which will then log you into to your "My Wildpac" account where you can build a list of all the titles that you would like to save for a future bibliography of the paper you are working on. The Log-In page looks like this:

Because you have the link to the record in the catalog, you will find all the information you need to compete your bibliography. In your "My Wildpac" account, you can create any number of lists that you would like to keep the various papers that you are writing separated. Just remember though, if you don't save your items in the cart in some way, you will lose everything in it when you leave Wildpac.

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