Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Browsing the virtual library shelves

When you're doing research at home, or you just don't feel like getting up to see what else the library might have on the shelves, and yet you want to see what else might be available in the library you can always do a quick keyword search in Wildpac under "Search now." But if you have a book from the library with a call number you could also do a Call Number search to find what might be sitting on the shelves right next to where you're original work came from. To see this in action click on the "Call No." link to the right on the Wildpac page:

Just add the base of the Call Number that you can find on the spine of the book. Try searching KF4819 for a book on immigration.

 The resulting list will be all the 89 titles that start with that base call number:

 Of course some of these titles are in the D'Amour Library, but they are all available to you. Some may even have their "Table of Contents" pages available where you can get a good idea about what is really in that particular title. A similar search on KF750 will bring up 171 titles on estate planning; a search on KF4754.5 will bring up 92 titles on gay rights. Another benefit of doing this is that you get to see everything in that range, whether or not it is in the third floor collection, reserve, or even reference. And since the Law Library classifies nearly everything into the law classification area, more materials will show up in these specific areas than in most other libraries, and you don't have to leave wherever you are jsut to browse the shelves.

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